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Welcome to the OS Development Forum!Rules

* No spamming or flooding the chat.
* No advertising (except your OS project, or related stuff. Advertising Discord servers, unrelated Youtube channels, etc. is strictly prohibited)
* Keep ALL CAPS to yourself.
* Don't be a jerk. Be a decent human being. This means no insulting, flaming or excessive cursing.
* Don't start holy wars. That means: avoid language wars, editor wars, distro wars, Windows vs. Linux wars... The wars have been fought time after time and always ended in a draw. No one will change their mind.General notes on common sense
While we welcome OSDev newbies, remember that asking trivial questions for which an answer is readily available online will most likely only annoy administration and other people willing to help. Make sure your question is specific and can't be answered by a 10 second Google search.
While we don't ban "microkernel vs monolithic" arguments, remember that this isn't much different compared to a distro war. If you want to make a point, discuss, or defend your position you're free to, but avoid getting religious about it, it's not welcome.
As a last note, this doesn't happen often, but administration has the right to ban you even if you do not break any specific rule. Using this forum is not a right, it's a privilege, so keep that in mind.

NOTICE: This site is not endorsed, has any connection, or wishes to be related in any way with another site/forum by the name of ''.

Have fun! ;D


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